Invalid window size specified in /perform, TouchPlayer Issue

Hi all,

Every time I try to launch any of my patches in perform mode, I get an popup error stating:

Invalid window size specified in /perform

In the /perform comp, I’ve tried altering the windows settings to fill, custom, and auto. I have no luck with any of them.

I’m using 2021.10330

Thank you!

I’m using

Thanks for the report. Can you attach a file with this issue for us to take a look? Which os and what license are are you running?

I can confirm the same issue, running Windows 10, Commercial License, version 2021.10330

Hi. I have the same issue. Windows 10 Pro. Touchdesigner build. Commercial License, version 2021.10330. I cannot attach a file being a new user. Where I can send the file for you guys to see what’s up?

Can confirm the same issue, running Windows 10 on various PC, Commercial License, v. 2021.10330.
This happens when launching *.toe files with Touchplayer or launching Touchplayer directly. The file plays as usual after clicking “OK”. But having this warning popping up makes auto launch app on Windows startup impossible. I ended up using the latest 2020 version for the time being.

Same behaviour. Works fine after I press enter but auto launch is impossible to implement.

it seems to be a bug of the latest version, could you help moving the topic under Bugs? thanks!

Have confirmed and we’re on it. Moved to bugs…


Thank y’all so much!