Iphone Lidar, how to use it?

is there a way to use iphone ( pro max 14 ) Lidar in TD,
would it be usable as a depth cam? Does /will Ndi Supports lidar?
thx !

You can get the depth map using Zig Sim Pro: ‎ZIG SIM PRO on the App Store

Maybe some other apps but I’m not aware.


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Are you looking to do a real time stream or to take advantage of building point clouds with iPhone?

Like @JetXS points out, ZIG SIM has a great way to get the depth map if you want something streamed. If you’re looking for something that will help build a model or do some additional processing polycam is a great app for using your device for photogrammetry and then downloading / working with the results.

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Hi Michel and thx,I experience huge instability of zig sim pro on depth cam through NDI…. Freezing and disconnecting ( on dedicated wifi router, and via Ethernet with lightning adaptor too)
I m on iPhone 14 pro max iOS 16.7.2 latest…i wrote them about the bug.
( by the way , iOS “guided access” that I use to prevent sleeping and rotation doesn’t work either…
Anyone else experiencing same troubles?

Hi Matthew;
Yes i m more into live stream for now but testing Polycam, I feel it s really powerfully to capture 3D environnement !

Hi anybody have good feedback on zig sim pro? Still bugging on depth map on my side…