Iphone Lidar, how to use it?

is there a way to use iphone ( pro max 14 ) Lidar in TD,
would it be usable as a depth cam? Does /will Ndi Supports lidar?
thx !

You can get the depth map using Zig Sim Pro: ‎ZIG SIM PRO on the App Store

Maybe some other apps but I’m not aware.


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Are you looking to do a real time stream or to take advantage of building point clouds with iPhone?

Like @JetXS points out, ZIG SIM has a great way to get the depth map if you want something streamed. If you’re looking for something that will help build a model or do some additional processing polycam is a great app for using your device for photogrammetry and then downloading / working with the results.

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Hi Michel and thx,I experience huge instability of zig sim pro on depth cam through NDI…. Freezing and disconnecting ( on dedicated wifi router, and via Ethernet with lightning adaptor too)
I m on iPhone 14 pro max iOS 16.7.2 latest…i wrote them about the bug.
( by the way , iOS “guided access” that I use to prevent sleeping and rotation doesn’t work either…
Anyone else experiencing same troubles?

Hi Matthew;
Yes i m more into live stream for now but testing Polycam, I feel it s really powerfully to capture 3D environnement !

Hi anybody have good feedback on zig sim pro? Still bugging on depth map on my side…


I think Zig Sim Pro does not use the lidar sensor to get a depth map. It uses images from two cameras to calculate the depth map. That’s why the depth map blinks when you quickly move the iPhone. You can try covering the camera with your finger to check which camera is used.

Now I am trying to use the app ZIGCAM to capture the depth map using lidar and stream it using NDI. I also met with some unstable issues.

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same here! iphone 13 pro

hi, the zigcam app (non pro ) works better actually !