IR Camera Tracking

Hi everybody!
I’m asking if anyone have expertise with IR tracking cameras.
I’m working on an extensive interactive installation, for an optimal area coverage I should use at least 15 kinects :astonished: , so i’ve think that IR cameras would work for me.

After a looong an deeeep search in Derivative Forum and Wiki, after downloading a lot of datasheets and techspecs, i need to know what kind of devices are really supported before purchasing the wrong one.

The wiki reports compatibility with Allied Vision - GigE version, Imaging Source Software and Imaging Development System, apart from the typical Datapath and Blackmagic acquiring cards.

Anyone could help me? Any kind of suggestion still accepted!

Thank you all!

bumping as I was just digging around too - specifically for some ideas about support and GigE cameras and what some folks experiences are with some different brands (ie Allied vs Imaging Source) Ill be looking for something with near-IR sensitivity for an overhead tracking situation.


We’re looking at OptiTrack. I’ll report back.

Picked up some OptiTrack. Very nice system - makes multi-camera calibration a breeze, and reports absolute positions in meters.

I recommend it.


Good to hear a nice report, Bruce. I had seen those used in non-TouchDesigner rigs and they looked quite nice.

I am interested in other IR Cameras besides the Kinect. This lens would be great for an installation I’m proposing. Is there support for getting IR image and depth with these?

Wide angle:

Compare page:

Also looking at the IDS Gige Camera … w/all.html

We get rigid body positions from optitrack. That’s part of the appeal: the camera works out the blobs and the software filters and triangulates.

Not sure about using the raw images. To use it as a ‘normal’ camera you lose blob tracking.


That’s awesome. Was this difficult to bring in coordinates into Touch Designer. Did you use OSC or MIDI in?

We had them put native NatNet support in. Works well. There’s always some shenanigans with communications, and I’ve started to put a tiny network on the machine running optitrack motive that turns the data to a touch out to get it on multiple machines.

Also worth checking out Point Grey cameras. We have good communication with them now so should be able to address any issues that arise if you are using them.

Is there native support for Video Device In TOP to grab depth maps directly?

We have support for FlyCapture and Spinnaker SDKs and have not tried any of their stereo cameras which use a different SDK. I was mentioning them in comparison to the IDS you linked to, which appears a standard 2D camera at first glance.

What sensor did you end up going with?
Have you considered the ultraLEAP Stereo IR 170?
Not sure about its full range and or native TD support though.