IR Tracking budget camera

Hello everybody.
I am asking here because I cant find any concrete answer to this. I am looking for camera to do IR tracking (blob) for fast moving object, at least 60fps. The Kinect I have it to slow for this. I cant find any other option that is not super expensive. According to the comments on forum the sony PS3 don’t work with touchdesigner and I don’t want to experiment spending money on something that will not work. Can somebody point me in the right direction ? Your help would be very appreciate. Thank you

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I don’t have an answer but I have a hint: Many webcams and other cameras are IR sensitive even if they are not advertised as such. You can turn off all lights and point a known-good working IR control or an IRED at them and push some buttons and if they are IR sensitive you will see an image in the viewer. For example, try the webcam built into your mac or PC with VideoDeviceIn TOP with a TV remote or apple TV remote or similar. Both of mine can see IR remotes in the dark, when pointed directly at the lens. If you used a bunch of Infrared LEDS (IRED)s to illuminate whatever you want to track, perhaps even the cheapest webcam would work for you. Hope this helps.