Is Apple silicon native support expected?

In light of the new announcements of the Macbook Pro line, I’m more than curious if Derivative has plans to support M1 in the future. I’m using a Mac Mini M1 and TD works quite well but frames drop quick when working with high intensive projects.

Sorry If it was already asked, I haven’t found the answer.

Yep, it’ll come as part of the 2021.30000 series of builds later this year.

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That’s awesome news! Thanks for the quick answer.
Any hints about the performance improvement?

Well it depends. If you are hitting the speed limits of the GPU on the M1 (which is ~ the speed of a Nvidia 1060), the arm64 compile shouldn’t really improve the speed there. It doesn’t change how the GPU is driven.
How much it’ll improve the speed of the CPU operations (such as CHOPs or SOP cooking) is to be seen. Rosetta2 is pretty impressive as far as we’ve seen so far.


Thanks again for the info.
Looking into the new Macbook Pros, is anyone on the dev team getting one to test performance using TD?

As you said current M1 is not a GPU powerhouse and I see frames drop quick when adding more elements.

I’m looking forward getting a M1 Max Mini in the future and would love to hear what it can pull off TD.