Is it possible to share point cloud map through NDI?

Hey trying to dig on a pipeline where i can grab shared point cloud texture from touchdeisnger to unity on another pc. Is it possible to do so ? i got the ndi here in untiy but the it seems maps information were compressed so the unity side didnt get a correct result .

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NDI is a compressed format (SpeedHQ codec) similar to MPEG-2 intra. TD Uses YUV 4:2:2 in 8 or 16 bits depth. Make sure you send using 16 bits though.

If you need accurate texture, maybe you would prefer using Spout if possible.

Even with Spout/Syphon it would be difficult, because point cloud texture is 32 bits RGBA and Spout only accept 16 bits. You can try with pack Top, transforming each 32 bits pixel to 4 x 8 bits pixels. But you have to repack it after. You can do that between two TD project working on the same computer?
As Gallo said, NDI is a compressed link, there is too much artefacts.
I think your project is not possible. Most people first compute the point cloud information and send it via NDI or other way, as 8 bits RGBA image.

I made a quick test, on the same machine.
on TD-01

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Dear Jacque
Thank you for the help ! yes this pack and unpack node is exactly what i figured out after i post the question. My problem is the part in unity how to unpack the td packed 8bit with correct code or something else. it definitely need some unity shader trick to unpack the packed spout content. i probably need to find some unity engineer for this.