Is TDAbleton tested with Ableton Version 11.3.2?

Before I upgrade Ableton for my live performances and get some nasty surprises…

Has anyone tested TDAbleton with the new version of Ableton, and/or found any major issues?

I’ll update and test today

BTW the Live installer lets you have multiple versions, so whatever I find or don’t find, that’s the safe way to test!

Great thank you!
Yes, I’ll try it out myself too.
But I am wondering if there is an “official” stamp of approval that comes with new versions or list of known bugs per version or anything like that.

@Ivan do you think it will work with push standalone

@Achim I wonder the same thing. My suspicion is that it will not because I’m guessing Push standalone doesn’t use MIDI Remote Scripts!

I hope there will be a way. It would be so sad to finally have a proper standalone device and then have no way to connect to TD.

11.3.2 seems to work fine. If anyone has a Push 3, let us know what you discover!

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