Is the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface compatible with TD

Hi just wondering if the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface is compatible with TD as i’m very very new to the world of DMX lol. also do you just plug this interface straight into the back of the light after outputting the DMX data or will that not work. (for a uni project)

No that only works with SoundSwitch.

Okay no problem. super new to this world of lighting lol have literally no idea. does the Enttec Open DMX USB Interface work?

No that is the one DMX dongle people keep buying and not being able to get working:

I would recommend skipping USB DMX altogether and got for an ethernet based DMX node:

or if you are aiming to control addressable LEDs, just skip serial DMX and get an ethernet DMX (ArtNet / sACN) to Addressable LED controller like the Wasatch Pixels controller:

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great info thankyou very much!