Is the Ultraleap 3Di sensor compatible at all?

Hi all! TD beginner here. I recently got my hands on an Ultraleap 3Di sensor assuming it would be compatible with TD (as with the regular Leap Motion sensor). However, the leap motion chop doesn’t seem to be working and I’m not getting any data from the sensor.

As I’ve never done this before, I don’t know whether it’s just a bug I need to fix or the specific model sensor I’m using just isn’t compatible at all. Has anybody had experience working with the Ultraleap 3Di?

We don’t have the 3Di hardware ourselves to test with, but we’ve been told that it should function the same way as the regular Leap Motion sensor (v1 or v2).

To help out, I just need to get a little more info about your system. Which version of TouchDesigner are you running and what platform are you on (Windows, MacOS Intel or ARM)?

Have you installed the Gemini drivers from Ultraleap? Can you connect to the camera using the Ultraleap Control Panel? Have you pointed the Library parameter on the Leap CHOP to the location of the Ultraleap SDK on your system?

If everything is connected, you should also check flipping the sensor the otherway around since the Gemini drivers will only detect hands in the correct orientation.

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Hi @biancarague, the main function hand tracking of our hand tracking cameras is to pass camera images to the Gemini V5 hand tracking software and this software is then what TouchDesigner connects to access the hand tracking data.

This means that you can use the original Leap Motion Controller, Leap Motion Controller 2, Ultraleap 3Di or Stereo IR 170 Evaluation Kit with the latest Gemini V5 software and ToucHDesigner!

As @robmc has recommended please can you open the Ultraleap Control Panel and see if the 3Di is recognised as connected and if you can see a camera image coming from the device. In order to correctly track the hands they need to enter the frame of the image from the bottom.

I hope this helps :+1:


I’m currently using version 2023.11340 on Windows. I have just now installed the Gemini driver – previously I only had TouchFree installed, and what ended up working was using my mouse data as input and the Ultraleap sensor acting as my mouse after calibrating it using the TouchFree software. Although that was a temporary workaround as TD just wasn’t reading the sensor data.

Now that I’ve installed the Gemini drivers from Ultraleap, I wondered if the TouchFree software was interfering with it so I uninstalled that. However, looking at the Ultraleap Control Panel now, it is bugging out – one second it’s reading the 3Di device and the next second it’s disconnected…

It makes sense that Touch Designer wasn’t reading the sensor now that I’m seeing on the Control Panel that it’s not even connected properly. Although connecting the sensor should be pretty basic, I’m unsure how to make this work.

Thanks for the additional information. I don’t know much about the TouchFree software, but TouchDesigner was designed to work with the Gemini drivers for both skeletal data and camera images.

It looks like there is definitely a problem with the connection to the sensor, so it is probably worth figuring that out in the Control Panel before we sort out the TouchDesigner side. The docs say it only requires a USB 2 port, but maybe try different USB ports on your computer and see if that makes a difference.

I don’t know if it uses a custom USB cable, but maybe you could try a different cable as well.

Finally, you could try it out on a different computer if possible to see if it that makes any difference.

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