Is there any rhyme or reason to the way touch labels windows

I have found that touch designer assigns different window indexes than Winodws does. For example if I ‘detect’ the screen resolution settings in windows, the numbers that show up rarely correspond to the “monitor” number of a window COMP (or the monitors DAT for that matter, which doesn’t have any indexes). Is there any rhyme or reason for this?

The numbers the Windows O/S assigns during identification are inaccessible unfortunately, though we’ve tried.

Both Window and Monitor COMPs should have monitors enumerated left to right, then bottom to top, then primary before non-primary in that order.

Are you seeing a difference between window component order and the python monitors list?

Thanks for explaining this. After a little playing around it looks like the position stats in the Window monitor are listed relative to the primary monitor?

And no, the window component order and python monitors aligned - for some reason though, on one of the computers I use the “name” field is not particularly helpful (I was getting names such as “DISPLAY63” and “DISPLAY61” when I obviously did not have that many monitors connected.