...is there anybody out there in switzerland

dear community
its many years i work, enjoy, struggle and learn touchdesigner.
but still i feel like the last unicorn cause i know nobody in switzerland that works with touch…
i would be very happy to get in contact with those that are into touch.
i live close to zurich.
so… is there anybody out there?
best regards

My only connection is we very recently build a permanent TouchDesigner installation for the Mall of Switzerland, which has just openened ~40 km from Zurich.
But I’m afraid I don’t know any local TD guys for you to connect with, sorry. But you should post this call for Swiss developers on fb helpgroup and the Slack channel as well!

thank you for your answer! cool you made an installation in ebikon, will go have a look when im around there!
well, i avoided till now to be on facebook… maybe i will be forced to make an account… :wink:
have a nice evening!

Hello I have recently moved to Zurich. Maybe we could meet someday and jamming with Touchdesigner! :slight_smile:

Hey there!
I live in Lucerne and work part time in Zürich. A meeting would be very nice!

Hello mancomb, i have sent you a private message!