Is touchdesigner right tool for my need?

Hello, i am trying to learn touchdesigner. What it can do is impressive and i really love it. But i’am understanding that its use is really “live” oriented. I don’t need to use it live or in real tim really. I want to process video clips and combine them with things i might create in touchdesigner, add a music track and finally have a video as final result. Is touchdesigner still good, or being more live oriented will give me more complexity than wat i need…and perhaps i could better use another software?
Thank you

You can process videos with audio, and render your final result to files just fine in TD, and it’s totally ok to use TD in such a sense.
The real-time feature of TD makes it so much easier to see direct result of all of your creative input, and the node based environment helps you to see what is going on in each step. Final rendering to file can also be done in non-realtime in TD.

And if you love it already now, then just start playing with TD and make something small, render it out to a videofile, and get a feel for the software while experimenting with it more.

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