ISF Parser

Hi guys,

I’ve published my component for working with ISF shaders:

It’s not a full ISF implementation (leaving some hard parts like multiple shader passes) but it works fine with 90% shaders you can find on

The ISF controls are exposed as Custom Parameters.

Great idea, nice work!

Maybe a useful addition could be to pulse Reload automatically whenever a new ISF DAT is connected (check with onTableChange with a DAT Execute).

If you apply as a publisher and send it in I’d be happy to publish this on ChopChopChop!

Good idea, I’ve added this. :slight_smile:

Sure, I’m going to do that once the implementation is more complete.

Great stuff, thank you for your efforts!!! :smiley:

Seems not to work with the latest experimental builds…

The example.toe project still works fine with latest 2019.19160 experimental build on MacOS.

Do you have some specific ISF shader that does not work?

I just made it work with two, the other ones throw errors. in previous versions of Touch, I was converting a lot of ISF shaders with your parser without problem (by the way, thank you for this super-useful plugin!).

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@nosebleed I’m glad you like it!

I have tested only a few dozens of ISF shaders, for sure there are some that break the script (as in your screenshot). Please paste the links to ISF code from or your own full ISF code - if I can recreate the error on my machine, I’ll be able to post some fixes.

Thank you so much for this! I was able to get it work on a deprecated version of Touch, but on the latest version it appears something in the vector linking is breaking ( I’m getting a nonetype error in the GLSL top for 3 of the params: maxUpdateSize,maxBlend,and resetImage properties). I’m fairly inexperienced with GLSL so I can’t figure out what might’ve changed between that working (2019) version of TD and this latest experimental (37030). Do you know what changed that’s causing it to no longer work?

We will have some fixes for the startup errors in the latest build, but the reset/reload script could use an update still for changes in 2020 builds.

Now, “script” CHOP Execute in isfParser has error so you cannot reload it.
line 31,
op(op_name).par.enablevectorpage3.val = True
but glsl1 TOP has not enablevectorpage3? parameter.
I have checked the following website, but no such parameters are currently available.
To use isfParser, you delete the above line31 and reload isfParse! I wish it works well.


Thanks for the tip! I’ve updated the version on GitHub to work with TD 2020.