Issue with bad data from - SPACEMOUSE 3D 3DCONNEXION

Hi, so I was really excited for this but it appears the data is not reliable for precision work…
Does anyone know if data comes in like this for both the wireless model and the compact model?
(I’m using the compact)

the further out any of the variables go to their extremes it gets pulses that bounce at a specific frequency up and down. But each channel has pulses at different timings so its not like a power draw thing… I’ve tried it on different computers and different USB ports / hubs? I would really love to know if this is the same behavior other spacemouse users get.

Attached is a screenshot and a tox, there is a locked trail chop to compare your data to mine.
spacemouse data.PNG

Not sure what is going on there with the Joystick CHOP. However, we are working on native support for SpaceMouse in the viewers, but haven’t put a SpaceMouse CHOP into the roadmap.

What would be your primary usage, do you want it for a final application or installation (ie. in CHOPs) or more often just looking at it as an input device when working inside TouchDesigner?

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I’m a bit late in the game but I would certainly enjoy being able to navigate TD networks using my space mouse. I seem to be reaching for it instinctively every time I want to move around in the network.

I haven’t done much testing but the joystick CHOP seems to be doing a reasonable job extracting data from my old SpacePilot at the moment. I’m not seeing the pulsing behaviour mentioned above.

I think @nettoyeur knows about some magic on this topic.