Issue with Limit CHOP, and changing values

Greetings everyone,

I am having problems trying to send DAT data to CHOP operators, first of all when I use data from a DatTo to a Limit to make it measurable, is limited beyond the range I choose (I put 2 and 8 and the values go 10+ which I honestly don’t understand). Then, what I need is to send this changing value to change the CONSTANT_CHOOSE_PRESET value, so for example, when the table shows a 3, the constant is 3 and the datto1 has the values 3 (Kaleido) and 90 (Rotate Z). When I try to connect the data from the first table to the constant value I want to change, the program crashes. I will uploado the file.

Thank you in advance!
Problem.2.toe (5.3 KB)

Hi @Tsokuma,

I think your probably was actually with the DAT to CHOP. Take a look at this change - I think this is what you’re trying to achieve:

Problem.2-mr-edit.toe (5.2 KB)

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This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

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