Issue with text TOP display?

Hi Everyone, I’m attaching a screen shot of my touch network. I’ve googled the issue but have not found any documentation on what I’m doing wrong - as you can see I have “test” in the text part of the text TOP, but int he display only a part of the word “text” is displayed. Apologies if this is super obvious, but I haven’t been able to figure out what my error is or what parameter I have turned on incorrectly.

Thank you!

This looks weird. Try updating your graphics drivers to the latest version.

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I encounter this sometimes if the font has been set to something strange like a symbol font.

If you find a text TOP inside of a widget, it might have it’s font preset to a symbol font. I can’t see your “Font” page but that’s where I would look after graphics drivers.

Are you on macOS?

A number of GPU models on macOS have a rendering problem with the Text TOP when using ‘Display Method’ = Polygon.
This was the default for ‘Automatic’ a few builds ago, so the next question is which build are you running, if it is not 2020.25380, please update.

thank you all. i am on a Mac OS. I changed the font and it fixed the issue. really appreciate the feedback!

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