Issue with the hierarchy of compositeTOP


I am using replicator to create 12 instances of an image and then animate them. I arranged them by using constant TOP as the base and added each instance with a composite TOP. My issues is with the hierarchy that this creates, it results in a sort of stack of images and this restricts their ability to draw on each other (in the image attached the stem of the flower should draw on the other flower’s circle).


I have tried to do this with Layout TOP but as far as I could see it restricted each flower to its own space so was not useful.

Any tips or pointers to tutorials would be great.

Ruta! (103.7 KB)

I dont know what do you want exactly, but looking inside your project, you can make a better usage of replicator, using the table to give the different transform directly. So you can centralize everithing.
Perhaps group background and foreground in the same base.
I send you just the modified project.
rotateIMGtrying.12.toe (6.6 KB)

And I would have be more simple, like that
rotateIMGtrying.toe (5.9 KB)
You can even replace the table by a procedural formula inside the master

Thank you so much! This version does exactly what I was trying to achieve all this time! I am going to have to study how you did that. I had a feeling that I was making it somehow too complicated but I am just learning so my solutions are yet very limited.