Issues opening TD after switching to a new device

Hello everybody.
I recently bought an Asus Transformer Pad, Windows 10 Tablet.
It’s a better option than the HP 255 G2 I had before, despite it has an Intel GMA 400 video card, while the other one has a Radeon HD.
Now, initially I had issues with Vulkan runtime, which I fixed downloading the Windows Vulkan runtime.
Now, I have issues opening TD, because I receive an error about the graphics driver.
I tried to update it with some automatic driver updaters, but looks like I already have the latest.
Now, what could I do?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Regards, have a nice day =)

Hi @idj

The HD 400 doesn’t support Vulkan. You’d have to go to builds before Vulkan, 2021.


Thanks so much for your help.
So I have no choice but to switch to something else.

Thanks anyhow

2021 builds are always available here if you want them.