Jardins d’Été Exercise

Hey everyone,
I’ve started using TD a couple of months ago, and I’m now trying to replicate a project by Quayola as an exercise.

The work I’m trying to replicate is his “Jardins d’Été” series. Here’s an example of said work(Quayola, "Jardins d'Été #1," 2016 on Vimeo) and also a breakdown for his process(Jardins d'Été -- Process on Vimeo). Could this be possible to achieve in TD?
The project is of course using Optical flow to interact with a fluid simulation, and I think he’s also using the optical flow to draw some brushstrokes with the color and direction of the pixel that’s moving.

Does anyone have any advice on how I could start and achieve this look?

There is an optical flow component in the palette. I would start there. Additionally, you might have some luck with the displace TOP.