joy revision

greetings all

enjoy the attached touch project - joy revision. this project is a small experiment in homage to a classic image.

most of my touch work has been manipulating existing 2d imagery or 3d geometry created in other packages - this was a little test in creating a mesh from audio information in touch itself and i thought others might enjoy checking it out.


i wish everyone a relaxing last few days of 2009.

i transferred the project to another computer and discovered two bugs.

1 - the audio file will only play from a local drive (audio is played back via an audiostream CHOP)

2 - in “/project1/freq_analysis” the parametric EQ CHOP nodes that split the stream into different frequency bands need to have their “filter channels” toggle switch turned off and on again after the audio is playing or they have no effect and the project will not work. odd…

anyone else seen such issues while processing audio signals ?

i have attached an updated project file to this post which includes a start script that manually resets the parametric EQ CHOP nodes - so this one should work right off the bat.


scott (155 KB)

Wonderful! It was a joy to play with. I’ve had similar troubles with the parametric EQ and audioIn in the past, sorry I can’t offer any solution though.

howdy scott, thx for sharing. I had the same issue, gonna try the new version soon.

There’s another tiny “issue”. I’m not in front of touch right now, but if I remember correctly, you need an expand() wherever you use the filepath to the audio file. Otherwise, if we choose an audio file from e.g. the desktop, the path will get converted to use $DESKTOP and it won’t get automatically expanded >> no audio. Again, I might be wrong, gonna check again tonight.

Hope all is good

stilll getting errors. This one works fine for me
joy_revision_02.1.toe (161 KB)

Hi Everyone.

You are correct in that the expression needs an additional expand().
File parameters (like all parameters) are only evaluated once.
As it is now, the File parameters contains a tab() expression.
This evaluates to “$TT/…”
You need an expand to evaluate that one step further.

Secondly, Ive fixed the Para Eq chop to properly reset itself when the sample rate changes
(as a result of a file name change, etc).

Look for it in a new build.


achim --> thanks for tweaking the project ! good to know about expand(). the strange thing is that it works just fine on my system without it - but i figure this is what was causing the inability to work with files on non-local drives. now i know.

rob --> thank you for tweaking the Para Eq CHOP. much appreciated !



revised .toe attached to this post. works natively in 3715 w/o errors. basically i just added in achim’s fixes. he is using the experimental build which i am not… (156 KB)

Nice work.

I always like this piece, it shows some really useful techniques! So here it is ready to run in 088 build 16260.
joy_revision.tox (180 KB)