JSON DAT Table Format

Can the JSON DAT please optionally output its results in regular table dat format? It’s great to not to have to script the json parsing ourselves but if the aim is to eventually get the data into rows and cols we still need to write scripts to copy into other tables, unless I’m missing something. Obviously not all JSON results would have a structure that would directly transpose to a table, but properly using the filters and expression we can get it down to a list that could. Thanks

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion. Do you have an example JSON output from somewhere that you’re trying to get into table format you can share?

Hi Malcolm. Here’s a file getting data into table format in both the callback method and the JSON DAT + other ops for the formatting. JSON DAT table formatting.toe (8.7 KB)

Thanks for the example where you have to do extra massaging of the JSON to get it into a table.

[ Pro tip: Instead of merging a table of headers with a table of data, you can use the Insert DAT to add all the headers: Area Cases Active New Rate. ]