JSON Import/Export tox

Choose a file.
Click Write to export the parent’s network (excluding the tox itself) to the file.
Click Load to load from the file.

The json is pretty-printed so it’s easy to see diff changes.

Warning: if the json contains a node with the same name as the json tox then things get messy fast. Rename it from ‘base1’ before loading.

Also sometimes COMPs with outputs get funky.

If you have issues, please use the github issue tracker: qhttps://github.com/ulyssesp/TouchDesignerJson.

Update 3/2:

It now handles custom parameters and pages.
jsoner.tox (14.4 KB)


  • You can now work with multiple json files using the Files page.
  • Autoload will autoload whenever the file is changed, either on the main page or when Switch or a File parameter is changed on the Files page.
  • Recompute can be turned off for faster switching between multiple json files, but things will get messy if Recompute is turned off and you change things manually
  • Write will write to whichever file is active, whether you’re using the Main File or the Files page

This lets you have file/data driven networks that you can change dynamically. With Recompute off, time taken scales with network changes. It drops a frame or two, but it’s fast enough to be barely noticeable.
jsoner.tox (14.1 KB)

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Thank you for sharing this. I can see how this could be very useful, do you by chance have a simple example of this in use?