Kantan Mapper - an approach on simple mapping in TD

I want to make multiple masks for one image, too.
I thought about a method that created with multiple masks for the image of the one and thought about a method to fine-tune a mask. This is one simple idea.

  1. Made plural masks in a sample and made an image based on a mask.
    (though the sample is simple guratesyon.)

  2. Copy the Kantan Mapper component which made a mask.
    And I merged multiple mask objects and set UV to just match an image.
    This process is built with an orange operator in a Kantan Mapper1 component.

  3. Connect Null SOP for this object and Lock.
    In using the UV of this object, when transform a mask object, an image follows it.

Open a edit window of Kantan Mapper1, and edit a mask
You can confirm that guratesyon follow it even if transform a mask

sample111119_01.toe (4.07 MB)


this is a great patch … however i encountered a serious problem … i mapped a pretty complex project and connected the shapes successfully to OSC to make them blink and react. Then i saved the project, quit TD and opened the project again … and everything was gone.

What am i doing wrong ? Do i need the Kantan setup seperately, i thought that saving the project would save everything ?


ok, figured out my mistake, we brought the Kantan mapper into the project by creating a container and then using the ‘External TOX’ feature in the parameters panel to load Kantan. When you do this it seems that parameters are not saved with the project.

If i use drag n drop to load kantan it works without problems :slight_smile:

It was good that your problem solved me.
My TIPS is only added an orange operators in the Kantan component.
The principle is very simple.
Just to assume an orange operator a copy & pace,
You may add a function by the method that you are easy to make.


Yeah, I’ve forgotten that before as well, loosing work is never fun. :frowning:

Also remember if you are working inside a Clone the same thing will happen unless your nodes are Clone Immune. At any rate, we looking at better ways to notify the user there are edits in these unique networks when saving a file, so as to avoid loosing work like this.

Hi snaut,
I’m new to TD. This tox components is great, but

only the rectangle provides the mapping with perspective
bezier and freeform only mask the texture
this may be a suggestion for the next version

Any help will be appreciated


Hi Manonegra,

indded currently you will only get perspective mapping with the rectangle tool but for Freeform and Bezier Masks, use the corner-pin as described here: derivative.ca/wiki077/index.php? … g_Textures to get good results.


Hello MArkus,

this is a great component!

i wonder if you ever considered to add point based editing (with no perspective transformation) instead of corner pin, to the image mask ? like mad mapper ? would be a really good way to map geometry instead of video :slight_smile:

i’m trying to do this mod, but i’m still very green on TD



Hi Gato,

something similar is in the works and an update will be published very soon.


amazing news Markus, will be watching this post daily for the update!

Here is a little update for the weekend:

Grid Deformation is now available for all Rectangle Types by selecting the rectangle in the edit Window and hitting ‘g’. The Grid is divided into 3 subdivisions but you can increase this using the “Subdivisions” slider in the controlpanel. When deforming the Grid you also have the possibility to soften up the deform via the “Soft” slider.

Further the Bezier Curve now has correct handles. Also hitting ‘l’ will unlock the handles to give you more control over the masks shape. After hitting ‘l’ again you can also snap them back together by hitting ‘s’ and moving one side of the handle.

New object types have been added as well. The Sphere and Tube type should make it a little more easy to project onto 3D objects.

Also new is how the data for your projection is saved. Everything is saved into a component inclusive the final output. This can be saved out in a seperate tox and loaded back into the mapper. This also makes it possible to take the project and run it without the whole UI overhead.

I will update the wiki in the next days.
Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have fun mapping


great changes Markus!

love the new save and load structure

grid deformation seems very helpful for future non-regular mappings

i did manage to get a ‘workaround’ with point based editing of the mask; i crop the main TOP with the geometry i want to map, into several smaller zones that contain the tris i want to map, and then i use the corner pin edit, and it works really well.


Awesome stuff! Anyone else having issues with the grid deformation. I can’t seem to adjust any of the points, and when upping the subdivisions nothing changes? Thanls

What version of TouchDesigner are you using? Would like to see if I can reproduce this…


I’m running: TouchDesigner Pro Build 16900
gpu: Nvidia quadro fx3800

could it be that your timeline is stopped?


Wow I feel like an idiot, that fixed it! Awesome work and thanks for the speedy support



Hi, all

I use KantanMapper for 2 months.
I think that KantanMapper is very great tool for beginners.
but I have a questions.

Can I enlarge edit window?
I want to make masks in detail.
It is difficult for me to edit mask points in edit window now.

sorry, I’m not good at English.


The update is simply amazing… Great work

I’ve been wondering how its possible to have 1 SOP with different effect / variables?

For instance:
I have 4 objects mapped with the same surface, and I would like each of them to be animated differently (add hue + 20 to each or apply different transformation to each)

  • something similar as on movie posted on the first page of the thread.

What is the easiest way / CPU saving way to do this?

Thanks for help

hello Markus, could you briefly explain how the new 3d shapes work … i can’t seem to be able to rotate the objects in 3D space.