Kantan mapper can't modifying shape

I open katan window, and create quad.
I wanna modifying a quad shape, but I can’t select the corners of the rectangle.
so I cant modifying the quad’s shape.
my quad is just perfect rectangle,
on my touchdesigner, quad’s corner color doesn’t change when my mousepoint is there…

and I can’t create freeform shape, dont know why…
Im just make a lot of rectangle don’t have…
plz help me…angels

  • I use it on my laptop, window10
    videocard is intel® HD Graphic 520
    version is touchdesigner 099 64-bit build 2020.23680

++ I have updated this version to touchdesigner 099 64-bit build 2020.24520
but It still not move…


just in case, make sure you are not in pause mode (see bottom timeline) or cooking off (OI icon in top bar)


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I do all process, keeping this set (you mentioned).
It still not working

Hi @thumbsup,

can you see if the component Stoner is working for you? You can find it in the Palette>Mapping section.
You could also try to see if you can update the drivers for your videocard: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/88355/Intel-HD-Graphics-520



I realized the component Stoner is working.
Thanks to your help, I updated my drivers.
But everything about kantan mapper is same, It’s not working.

thanks to your kind

Hi @thumbsup,

I currently only have access to a intel 620 and can’t see the issue…
Question on the side - what is you monitor’s resolution - Could it be that there is some scaling happening and Kantan not properly taking care of that?



I’m having the same issue when starting a new project with kantan, taken in the palete.
Can add / draw shapes, but can’t modify or mask them.

(It works with old projects without this Kantan version)