Kantan Mapper - Editing Tools

I had a problem when I used Kantan Mapper. my editing tools node is not working. I can’t manipulate the points and cant move my shape with the mouse, for example, when I make a rectangle, the corner nodes are not enabled, and if I want to make a free shape I can’t close it too. however when I go into texture editing they are working. What can i do to fix it? and get the nodes working again and modify the shape normaly, please please :pray: help

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Are you using the latest Official build 2020.25380?
Windows or macOS?

Thanks for answering so quickly. That’s right I’m using the latest version non-commercial official build 2020.25380 in Windows

We have an upcoming build with a number of improvements to picking on AMD GPUs, do you happen to have AMD or Nvidia GPU?

My GPU is Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650, but always I used them before for TD

What build was Kantan last working for you on this computer? We can try to identify what changed if you have a known working version.


I did a little project at the end of May, and just one day before presenting, I made an update, and now that I think about it I had some glitches. I tried a new project at the beginning of this month, and I had these problems, and I made the new update 2020.25380 and it was when I wrote here to help me, however, I do not remember what version I used when my Kantan Mapper was still working. I think it could be the 2019 version.