Kantan Mapper errors

When using Kantan Mapper to to make multiple freeform shapes-

Major issues:

-my masks disappear randomly and lost (even after restarting Kantan\TD\reloading the project files)

-the lost masks remain in the layer outliner, and get renamed to their group’s name.

-any interaction with these masks is unresponsive, even deleting.

[renamed masks in the outliner] -

Minor issues:

-mask outlines disappear during freeform shape creation\editing, and reappear when using right mouse button to drag around the image.

-dragging handles are sometimes not responsive\move kinda jumpy

KantanMapper COMP shows inside script errors. problem appears consistently through different projects, and 2 different builds i tried.

unfortunately i cannot upload the toe file as im new to the forum (?)
would love to find a workaround.

build 2021.12380
Windows 10

Thank you great developers !

Hi @5imri ,

could you post a dropbox link here pointing to your file? Would like to have a look at the project to see what is going on.


Hey Markus ! so good to hear from you , here’s the link –


thank you !

Hi @5imri,

checking through what’s happening - there is a bug when dragging a Group onto or into another group. At that point unfortunately, he content of the group being dragged is destroyed.
Working on a fix!