KanTan Mapper (How to project different part of a video?)

Hello everyone!!! I am Tiffany. I have difficulties on the Kantan Mapping of my Honor-Project.:sob:
There is no one I can ask about Touchdesigner. So, the only thing I can do is seek help here.:pray:

I am trying to do a projection mapping that can only project 11 circles of the video contents of one video.

(The preview pictures made in AI)

Question 1 :

I have tried to put the video in Bg mask of kantanMapper.

And use Freeform to draw a circle and turn on the Invert Mask.

However, it only works on one circle.

Also,I have tried to click in the "Edit Texture “of every Freeform and click the” Set as Mask "button to choose the part of the video that I want to project. But, I have to guess where is the next part while I working on the next Freeform.

I hope the video contents in these 11 circles are consistent on one video content.

Question 2:

I want to know the correct way to remove the orange cross in the projection. I only succeed to remove it after I put the cursor in the upper left corner.

Question 3:
Just curious if I want to project on an arc, kantanMapper is the good choice to do it? camSchnappr or Stoner?

Thank you for your patient!!!:bowing_man:I don’t know what to do to deal with these problems. Please help me!!:sob::sob::sob::sob::pray:t2: