Kantan Mapper Python Explanation

Hey Everyone! I was hoping someone could help me out with Kantan Mapper, I’m trying to make a project that is able to align a projector from points in space. I’m using the Kinect to get my points from the real world, but I have no idea where I can put that data inside of Kantan mapper. I’ve been googling how the Tool actually works, but I’m still very much a novice when it comes to python and higher level maths. I believe what I’m looking for is in the ‘transformation matrix’ which is referenced by multiple python scripts inside the Tool. Any advice, references, lectures, readme flies, or videos would be appreciated. I’m also available for zoom or discord calls if you’re interested in my project. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @ExistingMichael,

there are a few different tools that deal with mapping all used for different approaches.
KantanMapper is a tool that can be used if you want to map a surface by drawing shapes onto it. Let’s say you are projecting onto a building facade for which you don’t have a 3D model and you want to map different textures onto each window - here you draw a few rectangular shapes onto the canvas and skew them appropriatly to fit the windows.

camSchnappr on the other hand is used when you have a 3D model file of the geometry you want to project onto. What it essentially does is calclulate the projectors position relative to the object. On an inverse you can also say that it calculates the position of the objec relative to the projector.

kinectCalibration is yet another tool which calibrates the position of the projector relative to the kinect meaning that you can now project back into the kinect space - for example onto people or similar. Big side note though: There is quite a delay when processing the skeleton data and hence it’s best used in settings where the participants act in a choreographed way (or slow).

camSchnappr sounds like what you are after though - from what i understand you have a 3D model of the object you want to project onto so all you need to do now is pick a few points in camSchnappr, position them on the output of the projector and the system should snap into place. Please have a look at the documentation here: https://docs.derivative.ca/Palette:camSchnappr for a walkthrough the steps required to do this.

Hope this helps