Kantan Mapper texture distortion

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Apologies if this has been asked before, can’t seem to find anything directly relevant though. Long time touch user, big fan.

I’m using Kantan to map two projectors, and while the tool has always treated me well I’m running into a new problem when I attempt to add a row/column vertex. Essentially, The texture becomes randomly and wildly distorted even with simple grid additions. In the past I’ve experienced something similar but an Undo and then second attempt cleared it up. Now it’s happening with more frequency.

Is this a bug with kantan or are my settings bonked? Images attached, sorry for the size, took them from screen connect and they include the output rasters.

Thanks for any ideas!

Before/After vertex add:

Hey there, figured I’d pop back and follow up as I found out the general cause if anyone else runs into the issue.

Turns out if you attempt to add a grid line (horizontal/Vertical) on a grid file that is a video and the video is paused (play parameter off), the texture will be incredibly distorted. If the play parameter is then pulsed to on, it will remain distorted. However, if a grid line is added on a video file that is playing, the issue is not apparent. The issue also doesn’t show up with image files.

Hope this helps anyone who happens to run into the problem.

(occurred on Windows10 Pro, build: 64bit, 2020.23680)

Hi @JBatcheller,

can’t reproduce this here - could you share the file with the output distorted? I’d like to have a look inside to see what causes the bad uvs.


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Just seeing this now. I will try and provide the file by EOD, just have to clean out some client stuff due to NDA concerns.


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