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Okay, so I’m working on creating simple projection mapping, but I don’t have much of a clue as to where to start. I’ve heard that Kantan Mapper is a pretty good way to do projection mapping in Touchdesigner, but I couldn’t find any decent tutorials (I found one on Vimeo and it was in French…) Does anyone have any good tutorials that they used, whether it be for Kantan Mapper or projection mapping in general through Touch Designer? Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Here’s some links to help you out:

Kantan Mapper wiki:
derivative.ca/wiki088/index. … on_mapping

VVVV tutorial on projection mapping:
vvvv.org/documentation/how-to-pr … d-geometry

Thanks so much elburz! I didn’t realize the wiki for Kantan had a tutorial at the bottom haha. Hopefully it helps!

I looked through the Wiki for Kantan and it’s still not making much sense to me. Are there any decent video tutorials (preferably in English because all I can find are Japanese and French tutorials)? Maybe even an example file? Thank you so much and sorry for the double post!

Kantan Mapper isn’t so much of a projection mapping tool, more of an advanced warping tool.

Proper projection mapping is all about the balance between object position/projector position and the equivalent in 3d world with object position/camera position. Your camera becomes your projector.

It is a fairly vast subject that does require some understanding of lenses, 3d texture projection etc…
Is that your cup of tea?

Ohhh okay, I see what you’re saying. Yeah that helps a lot, thank you rurik!

Really read that VVVV article, its kind of the most basic of basic that an explanation on projection mapping can get.

hi i am Syd completly new to TD and is there some one can tel me how to find or download kantan mapper please

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