KantanMapper errors


There seems to be an error in the KantanMapper tool :

  • i usually get an error (red cross) on the Kantan COMP saying there is an issue in a script

  • i don’t know if this is related to the issue above but i have some issues when using a background mask in Kantan : i add a mask and activates it so it shows up in the kantan window. Next add a layer and draw a shape. And then if i delete this layer, the background mask also disappears. I can add another layer to draw a shape, the background remains black and when i draw the shape, background is flashing…

  • also lockable feature for layers and groups doesn’t seem to work ? when lock toggle is engaged, shapes handles remains draggable as well as layer transforms…


TD 2019.18580
Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14.5

see screenshots attached :

error flashes randomly
this error is then shown after creating a layer and then deleting it leaving the group empty

i also noticed that this is sometimes (random) impossible to create a shape : Kantan seems to not enter the edit/create mode after selecting the shape tool

Problem appears on macOS and Windows



I had this talk on facebook and someone got me some insights :

" for deleting a layer - dont use backspace / make sure the layer is clicked on in the left window > use the delete button if you have it on your keyboard
Don’t know why but backspace sometimes deletes the whole bg mask - but try hitting h first on your keyboard in case it’s just a viewport problem - it’ll reset the view
And another janky workaround when kantan doesn’t go into edit mode when you click on freeform or if the mask doesn’t close itself - copy and paste the kantan - and switch over to the new kantan node and things should work normally again - this also resolves the red Cross error too
Make sure you save often when using kantan - it’s def janky

also name each layer a unique name - noticed a bug where textures connections get reset to derivative randomly at startup "

Seems like Kantan Mapper needs some love :slight_smile:



seems like the error (or at least one of them) is that when i hit backspace or delete key while selecting the shape in the left column the geoCOMP created by the replicator in /kantanMapper/project/allShapes is not being deleted while it is when the shape is selected in the viewport

Don’t know how to fix this though… :slight_smile:



trying to track down the delete issue which seems to be connected to the replicator not removing all operators. Still looking at it as I’m not able to reproduce this in the latest build.

In this version new shapes will get a unique name
Also alpha for freeform shapes has been fixed

kantanMapper.tox (275 KB)

Hi Markus and thanks for the feedback.

Tried the attached tox with latest stable TD branch under macOS and still having the issue.

I will have a look at the experimental build


hi !

any update on this ?



the replication bug you are experiencing will be fixed in the next official release of TouchDesigner which should be out very shortly.


hi !

well that’s really great to hear !

thanks a lot