KantanMapper v2 - an approach to simple mapping

Thanks! I’ll take a look.
Just wondering - what’s your output resolution?


immersive update to kantan, markus.
it looks like your on the way to be a madmapper killer!

Thank you for this awesome tool.

I’m having a strange issue where MottoKantan is duplicating my shapes/layers.
Somehow after working with my project a while, i end up with 10 or more copies of some of my layers. Anyone else have this experience?

I also have a very simple question that I can’t find an answer to:
How do you DELETE a shape or a group of shapes?

thank you!

A shape gets duplicated when you try to move it!
Or if you try to grab it’s yellow corner and rotate it!!!


this is rather strange, the copy transform is a function for when you hold down the ALT key and transform - i’m guessing somehow for you it always happens?

deleting shapes can be done with the delete key.


Mühsam nährt sich das Eichhörnchen. :slight_smile:

Viele Gruesse!

Hi Markus

Would it be possible to have a “Perspective” option in the “Edit Texture” window as well? That is to say, so the UV’s from the edited texture are mapped to the quad in a perspective correct fashion?


isn’t that doubled up if your quad is set to perspective then it should apply the texture in that fashion. If we would try to have the Texture Edit in perspective mode as well we would get perspective^2?


Yes it is another perspective transform, for the purpose of “de-perspectifying” source textures before getting to your quad. That way we could use source textures that aren’t orthogonal by selecting “edit textures” and picking the corners of the source. Please see the attached example where I attempt to do it manually.
De-perspectify.toe (570 KB)

I think my previous description was a little ambiguous. By non-orthogonal I mean a shape that is orthogonal but is seen from a perspective, I hope you know what I meant. If it wasn’t an orthogonal shape to start with it wouldn’t work of course.

Hey Markus,

I’ll start out by saying this is an awesome update to Kantan mapper! Nice work.

I am having a couple issues that I will do my best to describe.

The first troubling thing, which may be completely normal is that when saving, closing, and re-opening a project using MottoKantan, the MottoKantan seems to always pick up new errors upon loading.

Another thing I’ve noticed about MottoKantan is that upon the project opening, it would be nice to have it open with all the windows toggled on. Especially in perform mode. In perform mode, it doesn’t seem like I’m able to toggle the windows on at all.

The Screen Grab function in 099 seems to be buggy in general. It seems to have trouble reading some applications and windows and seems especially buggy with MottoKantan. We are running a Java App to read interactivity and produce visuals and the screen grab function would be nice. We are using spout fine now, but it is pretty low framerate that seems to be bottlenecking at the syphon spout in top. This should be another post in 099 forums.

Thanks for developing this nice tool, I hope this helps work out some kinds, otherwise I may just still be green…


Hi Zac,

thank you for your feedback.

Yup - the error issue I have to deal with. It’s in most cases I have come across due to load order and extension initialization which should have no impact on general performance or functionality. To get rid of all these errors, rclick on the main mottoKantan container COMP and select “Clear Children Script Errors”

The windows are all controlled via window COMPs to keep it as flexible as possible. The idea was that during editing you would most likely use the internal Window COMPs that are controlled via the Toggle Output option and the general Open/Close Kantan Window parameters.
When performing though, you would use the first output from the mottoKantan container and attach that to it’s own Window COMP. The differentiation is done to avoid unnecessary cooking in the networks necessary for editing.

Can you describe how you setup the outputs for perform mode? I’d like to check into the problem of you not being able to display the editing window.

The Screengrab TOP sounds like best to post in another topic. If you could mention your system specs and what software is causing the behavior, that would be greatly appreciated for us to duplicate the issue.


bummer if ya need that specific build…my license supports updates up until early feb. dang… keep on it. thanks for sharing.

Hey Markus,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Clicking “Clear Children Script Errors” doesn’t seem to get rid of the errors for me.

The current setup I have for output is just straight through the internal window comps. I see that your system seems to make a lot of sense.

I am a bit confused on how to set up the first output to run into separate window comps to play in Perform mode. Is there any resources you know of that might help me understand this?

The screengrab top issue seemed to clear up on its own somehow.

One other issue I’ve found is that the corner pins don’t seem to move with the arrow keys in this version of Kantan. Maybe I’m missing something?



Hi Zac,

For the general concept of panels and Perform Mode, maybe the last two videos on this page can be helpful:


The most straight forward way to connect to a Window COMP is by connecting a Null TOP to the output of MottoKantan and referencing this new Null TOP in the Operator Parameter of a Window COMP.

Normally you will want to do all editing with the Window COMPs provided inside MottoKantan while when done, you would want to use the output and the method described above.

are you planning on interacting with MottoKantan during the performance?

Does this make sense?


Thanks so much. This helps a lot. I have to do some testing yet to make sure that works as needed for our installation.

Interacting with Motto is unnecessary once the map is set, it just needs to be able to power on and start up in touchplayer with the outputs toggled on.

Thanks, I will check back when I have implemented this and let you know how it works or ask other questions if it doesn’t. I’ll also send you some cool video of the final project once it’s all set up.



Hey Zac,

to have the perform window open automatically on startup, after creating it and setting it up, open the Window Placement Dialog from the Dialogs Menu or hit Alt+w. In here, check the “Start in Perform Mode” box right on top of the Dialog.


Very cool. I especially love the perpective adjustments. But like ‘batchku’ I get multiple copies of a shape when I do even simple things, like select and move it. And my delete key will not work either directly on the shape or on the shape layer dialog box. Working with build 5940 running under Win 10 and bootcamp on a 2012 MBPro.


hm - I’ll check if maybe the key assignment is different on those macs…
The copy feature should only happen when you hold the Alt key while transforming shapes…


Hi Markus,
Just a heads up, MottoKantan seems to be broken in Win64 2017.7500 (it worked fine in the previous builds). I am unable to create any shapes, rectangles or otherwise.


Sorry about this. There is a bug with cloning replicants - will be fixed with the next TouchDesigner release.