Kbui - 2020-05-08 16:31


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This is great. Is it possible to add a base that contains a network?

Also it would be helpful for me if there were a keyboard overlay. I think that would help with the learning curve of having to figure out which key is which.

@ianl This is amazing! it was exactly what I was looking for!
after some training it will speed up my noding and my eyes will be so thankful to you!

Is it possible that in the future you can do the same but with voice record / recognition?
Thank you so much for sharing this!

If you save your network as a .tox, then add it to the ‘External .tox’ field on a baseCOMP, you can use the ‘get selected op’ command and it will save it to your map.

I’m working on ways to add overlays that help sync your eyes to your fingers. Maybe it flashes on/off every time you enter a new layer?

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Glad you like it! Haven’t thought about voice recognition yet…can you describe what you are thinking about?

@ianl my ideal tool for when I’ll be older is to have a way to press Ctrl and speak in the microphone:

saying “CHOP Noise” the node appears on your cursor, then you place in the network and continue to work.


This is great! Your technique for storing a network seems to load the network bypassed, and require a cut and paste to function properly. Not the end of the world, but curious if you’ve got some ways around that, or if I’m missing something

This is a great re-think on creating networks quickly.