Keyboard in while Touch is in background

Moin Guys,

again me, is there a way to get the Keyboard input while Touchdesigner/Touchplayer is running in background?

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the answer is gonna be the same as your mouse in question… constantly cooking a python library that accesses the OS

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…thank you ^^

I’ve tried a little now, but unfortunately I can’t write an operator by myself. I know the lib and how to install it. and also all other information. However, I am not able to bring them together. I just don’t know a single programming language and I haven’t planned to learn it this year. Would be very grateful if you would help me ANYTHING.

What is your use case? What app are you trying to keep in the foreground? Do you need access to every key, or are you only looking at one key? Do you need access to typing full strings, or modifier keys? Are you using any other hardware controllers or OSC that might afford an easier native solution?

While I may end up rebuilding a keyboardinDAT in python for the fun of it, there very well may be a simpler way to get the results you’re after

In the best case, I would like to tap which key is pressed. Otherwise it is sufficient to simply get a trigger from all buttons together. The whole thing is a facecam replacement. The idea is based on Bongocat V2. You can see a cat moving a mouse to its own movements and placing its paws on the keyboard during input. It would be nice if you could do that as precisely as possible.

I actually wanted to build something very simple for a friend. Didn’t know it was going to be that complicated …

Alright, I got tinkery and whipped some toxes up for you.

One of them is a fork of the findMouse tox from the forum link in your other thread about background mouse position, and the other uses the same principal to give you an editable table of numbers and letters, like a keyboardinDAT or CHOP, regardless of whether TD is in focus or the background.

This build only has published alpha-numeric characters; you could add punctuation and special characters if you’d like, but the project would require a different approach to access virtual keys directly if you wanted every modifier and function button that can’t be represented by a single asciii character

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It is exactly what i needed. I don’t know how to thank you now. Really, really big thanks!

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show me what you come up with, pay it foward