Keyboard Shortcuts for Network Scrolling

Hello everyone,

I’ve found that the built in network scrolling keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-left, ctrl-right, ctrl-up, ctrl-down) move the network in way too small of increments to be useful.

I put together an extension that allows you to customize the increment and speed of this scrolling. Thought it may be useful for others who don’t like to lift their hand from the keyboard.

Network_Scrolling.tox (2.77 KB)

Nice idea! It’d be really cool to extend this with VIM-style selection somehow… maybe there’s a mode where hjkl keys could move to the nearest node in the left/down/up/right direction?

I would love to be able to control TouchDesigner solely with the keyboard! Or at least more methods for keeping hands on the keyboard longer.

I added the ability to move the selection up and down the network tree. If this is already possible with a keyboard shortcut I don’t know about, well, damn.

Ctrl.shift.right - selects the node attached to output connector 0
Ctrl.shift.left - selects the node attached to input connector 0

Handling separate branches -
select the node that has multiple branches in it’s output connector list. Hit Ctrl.shift.right to select the first node in the list.

Ctrl.shift.down - iterates over the output list of the branched nodes, selecting the new output node as it goes.
Ctrl.shift.up - (same just the other way)

Once you’ve selected the node on the new branch, keep going through like normal!
Network_Scrolling_v2.tox (3.33 KB)

Added a keyboard shortcut to add a null to any operator. It automatically connects it, prepends “null_” to the original node name, and places it in the center of the network. You can then just cut and paste which places it at the mouse position.
Network_Control_v3.tox (3.64 KB)