Kinect 1 vs Kinect 2 vs Azure

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Just looking at kinects and wondering if anyone has any tips on which to get? Kinect 1s from xbox360 are easier to find but wondering if Kinect 2 or Azures have many/any advantages? thanks

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I have a little experience with all of them. They are progressively better quality for sure, with the Azure images looking significantly nicer.

That said, none of them are perfect or super-low-latency, so depending on what you’re doing, Kinect 1 might still be sufficient. I find that for tracking one person doing simple stuff, it’s fine. Azure is way higher res and more powerful, but still has that half-second delay (at least on my system) for the skeleton. It also requires better hardware in your computer.

Very curious to hear about the experience of others…

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Personally I would go for the Azure. None of the other models are current and are no longer supplied, so you will be reliant on 2nd hand equipment from eBay and the like. The Kinect Azure works really well in TD and we have stitched many together successfully for a whole range of projects. Re: delay - this can be overcome if the frame rate is lowered to around 15fps - which in most instances is still fast enough for accurate skeletal tracking via the GPU. GPU needs to be at least an RTX 1080 ideally a 2060 minimum really…

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Thank you! Am I right that Azure Kinects are also not being made now and the new Azure Kinect DK are harder to get (for 'dev’s only?)

Thank you this is great!

So Azure Kinect and the Azure Kinect DK is the same thing. You buy these direct from the Microsoft store. (sorry I can’t post the link here as it won’t allow it)

The previous models of Kinect are now all obsolete.

I bought a used Kinect 2 for Xbox from a video game store for about $50 and the power/IO box to connect to PC on Amazon for around $40 so if you are on a budget not a bad place to start. download Microsoft Kinect Studio V2.0.1410.19000 for testing and recording and you are all set. I am having some dropout problems so if you can find the original Kinect Power Adapter used I would go that way, in hindsight as it might possibly be part of the occasional dropout problem. However it was good enough to use this month for a kids art show - you can see some stuff here if interested: and a couple other examples there. I am really having fun with it, and would recommend Kinect 2 for anyone on a tight budget.

Thanks everyone. Managed to find a Kinect v2 for $30 and got the amazon adapter and its working great (i did find my computer cared which usb slot i plugged it into…but now works great.


Which one of these works best on Mac? Any recommendations for what to use on Mac, real sense intel or Kinect 1?

None of those devices work on macOS, except as a webcams.

In our System Requirements page you can see specific hardware requirements for specific features.