Kinect Azure hand confidence channels

I am using the Azure confidence channels a lot and I can see, that the channels for

  • hand_r/l:confidence
  • handtip_r/l:confidence
  • thump_r/l:confidence
    are always zero. The position data of those channels come in with values, that look ok.

Any explanation on that or is this just a bug ?


Thanks for the report. I’m not aware of any issues at the moment with the confidence levels. I know those joints were added later to the system (the first azure releases didn’t have hands), so it’s possible that they have a lower confidence level on purpose?

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a Kinect camera today to test with because we’re all still working from home, but I should be able to try it out first thing next week and confirm whether there are any issues on our end.

Thank you for your fast reply. I am Actively testing right now and all of These values are just flat zero…always. If i can do something to Support you…just let me know

Any News on this?

Sorry, I wasn’t able to get access to the cameras as soon as I thought; however, I will be picking them up today so I hope to have some information for you later this afternoon.

I got the camera setup and, on first evaluation, everything seems to be working properly for me. The hand confidence goes between 1 and 2 depending on whether the hand is visible in the camera frame as I would expect. Maybe there is something about your configuration that is different? Are you using any non-default settings? Are you using multiple cameras?

Thank you…so the Problem must be on my side. The azure is not in my hands today…i will re- Check in Detail as soon as its back.

No worries. I tried changing around my configuration (gpu vs cpu, depth modes, frame rates, player counts, etc) and still couldn’t reproduce the problem. But maybe there is some other factor in your config that affects it.

Also, do you know what firmware version you’re running? Mine is RGB: 1.6.108 and Depth: 1.6.79. There’s some information here for updating the firmware if that makes a difference:

My Setup is simple: 1 Player. One camera.gpu mode. Nothing special.
First Check will be Firmware Version.