Kinect azure player index problems

Hey everyone. I’m having trouble with my player index on the Kinect azure. It’s really choppy. So it’s making it hard to mask things out with it. My computer is strong enough so I know that’s not the problem. The Kinect V2 seems to be way smoother. Can anyone give any input?

Also experiencing the same issues as the original poster. The Kinect SDK runs way smoother than in Touchdesigner. Has anybody found a workaround?

I think you need to be a little more explicit when you say ‘choppy’’. I assume you are referring to visual appearance and not playback performance.

So my very simplistic understanding of what is happening.
The Azure Kinect uses AI generated depth segmentation data to create the Player Index image. Its pretty useless for any sort of masking.
It is possible to use the depth map with a lot of fiddling. Malcolm posted a file I believe elsewhere on the forums that should help, do a search.
However I’ve had the best results using PointCloud data to extract a depth mask.

Hello yes I’m talking about using the player index as a mask because with the V2 it was easy to do so. I’m using the azure to get a pointcloud but I want to have only me and not everything else in my space. What I mean by choppy is that is seem to not give me a clean silhouette. Parts of my body go in and out. So you said this possible with the depth map? I will try to find that post you told me about. Thanks for reply.

Just to follow up: when you say the Kinect SDK runs smoother, are you still comparing the Kinect Azure to the old version 2, or are you finding better results in the Azure SDK viewer (Azure Kinect Body Tracking Viewer or Azure Kinect Viewer 1.4) compared to the TouchDesigner version?

Thanks for the follow up -
Comparing Azure Kinect Body Tracking Viewer to viewing player index in touchdesigner.
What I do notice is not the visual appearance discrepancy (the visual appearance matches the shapes seen in Body Tracking Viewer, with holes and such), however I have not experienced frozen frames while viewing Body Tracking Viewer as I have in TD, where at times I experience 2-3 second frozen frames

Thanks for the details. We weren’t aware of any freezes like you’re describing.

Are you using the latest version of Touch Designer (2020.23680 that was released on May 20)? There were some internal changes in that build that were supposed to improve how data was uploaded to the GPU that could have affected things.

When you say it freezes for 2-3 seconds, is that just the Kinect Azure node or all of TouchDesigner? Is it only the body-tracking data that freezes or do you have problems with the color camera images as well? Are you using the ‘Sync Images to Body Tracking’ feature?

Thank you for your reply robmc
I will check everything that you have mentioned and report back