Kinect Azure usb PCIE expansion card in 2023 that works?

The kinect azure is a useful tool when it works, and impossibly frustrating when it doesn’t :slight_smile:

Has anyone had successful experience with a specific external usb pcie card with this device? It’s so picky in terms of what it works with, and what it doesn’t.

There is very little info on the web about proven track records with tested usb expansion cards, so hoping to poll this amazing community for some nuggets of wisdom.


Not a straight answer to the question, but the troubleshooting document mentions Intel, TI and Renesas USB controllers being the only ones that are supported. Hope this can help you narrow down the search.

I saw that yeah, Amazon is really painful when it comes to searching for specific filters like that, so was hoping to piggyback off of someones specific card that worked.

The closest to confident I have gotten is this one:

it’s main product page on startech does mention renesas, but I have not tested as of yet

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