Kinect Azure (v3) Click button


I am using a Kinect Azure however the AI model (dnn_model_2_0_op11.onnx) does not output labels for if the hand is open/closed unlike Kinect v2.

this makes clicking on objects relatively difficult, The solution I am planning to use is something like this:

  • Each frame get the hand UV position (translate the hands position to a 0-1 UV space)
  • Check if the hand point is over a panel object (button)
  • If it is over a panel object, a small progress wheel starts to fill up
    • when it fills completely, send a click event to the panel object (button)
    • If the user moves their hand off the object, reset the fill count

To achieve something like this, I need to find a way to check if there are any panels under the handUV each frame. Which function should I use to do this?

Alternatively, is there an AI model for the Kinect Azure which has gesture labels?

I did not find a way to get a 2D UI element at an UV position, however there is a solution to clicking the button using a kinect azure linked below. this requires every button to output its rollover state into the detection logic, and is not forwards compatible, but meets my requirements.

rolleover_trigger.toe (9.0 KB)