Kinect Christmas Santa Help!

Hi all,

I’m a week old to TD and have been trying to get my head around everything from simple networking to particles to including kinect in my projects. I’m primarily wanting to use TD for interactive stuff and generative content for events.

I’ve set my self a little learning project to do a super basic Christmas installation in the office to brighten the place up a bit.

What i’m trying to achieve is;
Basic cartoon Background (Have sourced this already) of snowy hills.
Santa on sleigh flying back and forth around the scene linked to Right hand movement on Kinect.

I’ve got super close but just not quite there… So far I’ve tried to achieve it by;

Using movie file in for my image - through a transform to change the position and scale and then finally through a flip to try and swap the orientation of the image depending on it going left or right. Hope that makes sense!!

I’ve linked the position to my kinect chop via select and math to move it left to right and up to down with the coordinates of the right hand. I then tried to use logic to flip the image based on the direction it was moving in but that wasn’t having it one bit…

Does anyone have any advice on a better workflow or direction to try this?

Thanks a lot!


You could use a Chop Execute DAT, which has val (current value) and and prev (previous value).

I have attached an example. Change the value in that Constant CHOP by moving the fader left and right, you will see the banana changing direction.
I hope that helps!

Flip.toe (3.5 KB)