Kinect depth data remap

Is there is a way to remap the colors of depth image from Kinect to create something similar to what they do with DepthKit here: ? What I want is to record a video with this kind of bigger range in the depth data, like he is showing his export in 02:25 where dark blue is the farthest and light green is the nearest. Actually he has all the hue colors in his depth data, but with this Z Threshold Max tool is able to remap the colors in the range (he is showing this in 01:15).

So far I tried in depth and color pointcloud image (depth is better) to level up the brightness, contrast and gamma in lumalevel TOP, multiplied with ramp, the result is a bit better and I get more data from the depth… But what I really want is exactly like in this video tutorial, more color difference in the range from 40 to 70 cm.

I think there’s an example of what you’re after in this thread: … oint+cloud

Thanks for pointing me again on this example, Matthew!

It’s not really working for my needs (I don’t need the point cloud but the depth data range), there’s useful information in the comments but still not sure how to render something like this:


ahhh got it got it.

Have you tried using the look-up TOP for this? You should be able to use your depth map along with a gradient to get close to this.

I don’t have a kinect with me at the moment (I’m out on a gig in China), but here’s an example using a depth map and a lookup TOP:
base_depth.tox (2.41 KB)

That did the trick! I think I tried something with Lookup yesterday but didn’t used it properly, now I see how it’s supposed to be! Perfect!

Like it’s popular to say: Thank you Matthew! (and good luck in China)