kinect depth stream saving

Hello everyone,

I am very new to Touch Designer and before I delve too deep into it I was wondering if you all could help me figure out if my goal is possible.

I would like to capture 3d video using three Kinect v1s. The result would be a series of frames in .stl, .ply, or .obj file type. In each frame, the views of all three Kinects would be aligned to be as seamless as possible, and the information would be stored as a point cloud.

From my initial impressions, it doesn’t seem like you can actually store the point cloud data in TD- I feel that the point cloud is only a visual? I hope I’m wrong!

Thanks for your help!

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The kinect TOP allows for a color point cloud as the image type, this can be used saved as a texture that you could then playback later, or convert into another data type.

Make sure to check out this thread as well:


Thanks for your response! unfortunately I am working with Kinect v1, which doesn’t have the color point cloud option- am I totally out of luck here?

I think the Kinect SOP is able to do this with the v1.

Try this, it’s a modified network I found here on the forums. It just converts the kinect depth and a 3d plane into chop channels, maps and adds to “tz” channel then converts the result back into a plane.

EDIT I had the scale z set to 0 on the geo comp so make sure to set that back to 1 incase your confused why it’s flat!
kinect1_pointcloud.tox (2.04 KB)