Kinect Device Simulator

Does anyone know of a way to simulate a Kinect Sensor for development purposes?

I haven’t tested it but this may be the solution:
Not entirely clear if something needs to be added to TD to support it or if it’s transparent

Kinect Studio works well to keep you from having to repeat a kinect motion over and over again during testing. You can save the color/depth data and ‘inject’ it into your Kinect top/chop and loop it so that you dont have to keep creating a gesture. It works fine in Touch.

What it doesn’t do, as far as my testing has gathered: it wont work unless there is a kinect plugged in and running- so if you wanted to work on your touch project away from your kinect device- I dont think it will work(i,e on a laptop on the road). Seems unfortunate, because you can save a file of the gesture, but you cant do anything with it if you don’t have the kinect running. I dont think this is a TD issue as much as a Kinect hardware issue.

overall it is a very useful toolset though, for th gesture capture alone, and there are other tools as well.

Something I plan to do at some point (if nobody beats me to it) is to set p something in Touch to record and save the chop and video data from the kinect so you can record several expected interaction sequences and mess with them when the kinect is not plugged in.

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Yes, ROD!
That would be a great idea, so that you can do kinect experiments by your self and not have a second person to act as your muse. It is not always easy to have a friend dance in front of your kinect while your program for a few hours… :arrow_right:

I actually have something like this that is about 80% complete. I even have a voice activated record feature to start and stop recording.

When I get around to actually working on it or have some time to dig into a little more I will post it up but it needs some polishing for sure before I do that and I got a few other things to finish first

I’m trying to save Kinect CHOP data so I can use the CHOPs as if they were from an active device. Any advice?

I’m using a Trail CHOP to hold 60sec of Kinect CHOP channels. I then lock the op and save it to a .bclip file.

Using a File In CHOP I load in the trail of channels and then connect to a Timeslice CHOP. So far so good, I can see all the Kinect CHOP channels but how do I get the data to loop?

matt1up, how are you doing this?

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use the lookup CHOPs 2nd input for your recorded animation. In the first input, connect a constant chop (1 channel, value 1) - speed chop (set to loop range 0-1) chain

Thanks for the tip!

Hello !
Could you explain more how to record on the kinect studio and replay back on Touch designer.

I am using a kinect V2. I want to record the pointcloud output and be able to replay it later for post production work. It seems that my setup is not powerful enough to save and replay .exr files so I am wondering if the kinect studio method could work as u said.

install kinect sdk.
run kinect studio v2 app

connect kinect
hit record and make a loop of depth cam and or skeleton info
play loop
create kinect TOP and/or kinect chop for available info from kinect and the loop from kinect studio should play.

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