Kinect exporting

I am trying to create touch designer content that works with Kinect.

In general, the final file format of most programs I used (unity3d, unreal, etc.) is an exe file. But I don’t know how to make it in Touch Designer.

Most exports only produce video.

Can you help me what part am I missing?

Hello @ryuseongwoon,

finished TouchDesigner projects are executed with either TouchDesigner or TouchPlayer. When delivering a project, TouchDesigner or TouchPlayer must be installed on the final output machine.


I am currently using the commercial version. The resolution of the project I worked on is going to be 4K.

Then shouldn’t you install a commercial version or higher on the output machine?
Do I have the inconvenience of having to move my commercial?

there is no executable distribution for touchdesigner projects. its not so much a thing of moving your license, its acquiring a seat for any machine that needs to be a TD server