Kinect IR Sensor Black

Hey there. When I use the Infrared sensor on the Kinect V2 - the camera remap tends to change the coloration of retro-reflective tape that I’m using to mark an area. So retroreflective tape should come all white - which it does until I hit the camera remap button. Then it always has a black center.

I’m going to attach a photo to show you what I mean. Nothing has been changed except the camera remap button. I’m trying to align the tape with the rest of the kinect sensor data so I can highlight the position of the retro-reflective tape but whenever cam remap is on, it blackens it.

Do you know the transform options I’d need to make to manually remap it? Maybe I could just use a transform TOP?

Sorry you’re having problems. Unfortunately, the v2 sensor I have access to doesn’t seem to work on my machine (not sure if it’s a windows 10 issue or something is wrong with my sensor), so I haven’t been able to test this.

From your screenshot it looks like the values might be clamping for some reason. Are both images the same format when you middle click on them (probably 16-bit mono)? If you force the pixel format to something different on the Common parameter page i.e. 32 bit float, does that change anything? If you activate the window and enable ‘Display Pixel Values’, what value are those black pixels?

As far as manually remapping your image, the Kinect TOP actually uses a process more similar to the Remap TOP rather than the Transform TOP. Internally it is downloading a transformation texture that tells each pixel in the new image where to pull its color from in the original image. Unfortunately, I’m not sure of any way of getting access to that remapping texture manually.

Sorry I forgot to respond. Yeah, camera remap on and off - they are both 16-bit mono. I tried all the RGB variations but it still seems to have black spots when camera remap is on. The pixel values are 0,0,0,1 - completely black.

That would be awesome if there was a manual way to transform the infrared without the remap into the same dimensions as the remap. It would open up the ability to use retro-reflective tape in IR projects.

here’s another example. This is a side by side comparison of two Kinect Infrared TOPs. One with camera remap off and one with camera remap on. It appears to make everything black. You can see that the left side, there are some unknowns causing it to flood white. But on the right side, it’s black in most of the picture.