Kinect keeps disconnecting - a possible solution

I have come across this on multiple occasions where the kinect in the Device Manager would be detected and then disappear again after 5 seconds only to be detected again shortly after (continuous loop). It’s always hard to track down this solution which seems to work for me - so I thought maybe the forum is a good place to share it :slight_smile:


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no longer seems to work, as there is no ‘lower filters’ option

I got the looping issue. then I eventually got a connection, got data in touch. then it went away and i cant seem to get it back. reinstalled kinect, cant get any kinect app to work outside touch now.

I added that registry value - wasn’t there for me either, but since then the looping went away…

yeah ,weird. same thing here. eventually i got it to work, now it not sure why.

Hello! I know it may be an old issue, but I am trying to get my Kinect v2 to work on my new notebook as when I plug it in it starts to turn on and off continuously. I find it strange since in my previous notebook it works without problems. I currently have Windows 10, Intel I7 and installed KinectRuntime-v2.0_1409-Setup.
I already tried to solve the problem by editing the “LowerFilters” system registry, enabling the microphone privacy permissions for use in applications and some other things related to audio but without positive results.
Anyone know any way to solve it currently?