Kinect Particle Force

Hello, I’m from China, and I had trouble using touchdesinger, I got a humanoid trace Chop through kinect, I want to know how can I put a force on this trace so that it can collide with surrounding particles, thank you very much.

Hi Lishengfu,

is not very clear what you are asking for. In particular which is the input of the SOP Particle.

btw I can tell you that the inlet called “Force” in the SOP Particle needs to be inputed with a SOP Metaball.

If you want your Particle to collide you have to link the extruded body shape to the inlet Collision and then in the last tab of the parameters of SOP Particle activate “Bounce on Contact”.

Looks like a lot of particles are going to collide there! :smiley:

@lishengfu 您好,想請問問題解決了嗎,目前也遇到同樣的問題

Edit: @lishengfu Hello, I would like to ask if the problem has been solved, and I am currently encountering the same problem