Kinect performance with fog machine

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had experience with Kinect installations in spaces where fog machines work? Does it produce much interference for depth estimation? In our case they said the fog will be low on the ground, but we are not sure if this still may be a problem.

I can tell you that my Azure Kinect does not work when I use my vape in front of it :relieved:


I would say it depends on the amount of reflection you could get back to the Kinect, since it is sending out IR light in order to “see”, that can’t be blocked for it to work properly. But you would really have to see because even if it’s on the floor, if people are moving around, kicking it up, etc, it could easily obfuscate the camera.

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Don’t get your hopes up, have dealt with hazer and Kinect and the smallest amount of haze will totally destroy your Kinects vision.

You can see your depth top of the line when ones blowing haze, and you can see it as a very thick sometimes black volume.


Yeah, any fog in between the Kinect sensor and whatever you want to track will definitely be a problem.
Perhaps when using ‘dry ice fog’ (which will usually stay within ~30cm of the floor) you could get away with it. But this totally depends on the amount of fog, amount of ventilation, size of the room, how high the objects you want to track are.
So to summarize you definitely need to test this setup with the final dry ice machine before you commit to this install, to determine what the max amount of fog can be before you can’t track anything anymore.


Thanks everyone! It looks like the fog machine has been cancelled.

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100% agree with Idz @nettoyeur - you need to test it. I had both experiences and also saw it function with a little bit of haze. If it’s a question of seeing the lightbeams, when done right, it can be almost invisible and imperceptible to the eyes and to sensor. But the key word is ‘testing’