Kinect Player Index & Chroma Key

Hey all - I could use some help.

I have a kinect TOP using player index. I remove the black from the image using a chroma key with a minimum value between 0 and .1. I was testing it using the Kinect Recorder tool and it worked exactly as intended - leaving a gray player and a transparent background. But now when I use the live kinect feed for player index, I’m never able to remove the black background using chroma key. I compared the recorded kinect top to the live top via a chop and they looked identical (~.1 values across rgb, no alpha).

Any ideas on what’s going on here? Thank you!!

Can you ‘lock’ your Kinect TOP that gives you the problem and post an example file so we can see your network and what is going on?

I’m having this issue. I’m unable to use the chroma TOP to remove the background. I found two workarounds but neither is ideal.

  1. Save image by right clicking on the Azure TOP, loading that image and then chroma works
  2. top to CHOP → chop to TOP and then chroma works

Kinect Azure
TD 2021.10330
Windows 10
GTX 1060

KinectChroma.toe (35.1 KB)

It might work better if you switch the Pixel Format of chroma1 to 8-bit Fixed (RGBA) on the Common page.

The Player Index of the of the Kinect Azure is just a mono greyscale image, and the chroma defaults to matching the same as its input which means there isn’t an alpha channel.

You could also switch the the RGB Output on chroma1 to be ‘New Alpha’ which leave the texture as mono greyscale image, but you’ll have the correct key value.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! Knew it had to be something simple.

you might have better luck with a threshold and reorder TOP for something like this